Catching Up: My hiatus is coming to an end.

Cool Material Beer Quotes

Cool Material Beer Quotes

This is a great post on some fantastic beer quotes. I have been off of posting for almost 2 years. This is due to lack of time. However I am back and will be updating the site on all the brews I've done and the many more things I've learned along the way.

Learn to Homebrew!

For those of you who read this who are in the greater San Antonio area, there is an awesome event that will get you started on brewing at home. If nothing else you can bounce ideas or pose questions to very experienced brewers. This is where I learned how to brew and what sparked the fire to my homebrew passion. All the info is on the flyer but let me reiterate it is entirely FREE!

Bust-a-Nut Honey Wheat

I thought with this brew I would tap into a new indredient -- peanuts. I want to mimic a honey roasted peanut in beer form. I did some research and heard a lot of fuss about using peanuts in the brewing process. I originally intended to put the peanuts in the mash, not the boil. All the negative feedback was about putting the peanuts into the boil, because it pulled off a lot of oil and the oil is what can ruin a beer. This is what the result was...

Contaminated ESB the difficult way

This ESB was named "The Englishman who went up a mountain and came down a molehill". A great name, but an off beer. I used a difficult and lengthy process to attain a more malty flavor. The process is called decoction which in layman's terms is a multi-rest that boils the wort -- well I guess it's not that layman. It basically means that you pull out a portion of the grain and water from the mash, heat it to 150 degrees, boil it, add it back to the mash.

This process is either a two step process called Dreimaischverfahren or the three step process called Zweimaischverfahren. I can't make stuff like that up. Either way it adds 2 to 3 hours to the total brew time, which is already a 4 hour process. I of course decided to do the Zweimaischverfarhen because I'm an all in type of person.

The resource where I got the directions was not entirely clear so I didn't really do the process like it was meant to be done. It does not sound incredibly difficult because I'm awesome at simplifying things -- cause it's the only way I learn. However if you are not very clever with math then it is a doosy. There are formulas where you can plug in the numbers, but reading it and doing it is a different story. It will change from every recipe, because the grain and water will change.

Finally... The Sun Blackened Indian Black Ale

This beer is easily my favorite beer I've made even if it is not my most successful brew. As I stated in my last blog many months ago, I entered this brew in a contest that was show casing the newest style. This beer is aimed to be a play on the senses. It will appear to be a stout, but the flavor profile is that of an IPA. I very much so want to do this brew again. I will say that this beer did accomplish exactly what I was looking for it to be. Even if the judges didn't think it was what they were looking for. I've attached the score sheet. Here is the recipe:

Sun Blackened IBA Coming Soon...

Brewing the Sun Blackened IBA right now. Will have the complete post up in a few days.

A few words on recirculating yeast

After getting encouragement from a friend that I was explaining my process to, I decided to start reusing my yeast. This revelation has taken me on a fun journey to a new aspect of my hobby, as well as thriftiness. I am not afraid to spend money, as my wife can tell you, but I am a huge advocate on reusing and not wasting. With in reason of course. My main hesitation was that I would ruin a perfectly good batch of beer because of contamination. I did not learn some secret trick that lessened my chances of ruining my beer, I only took a chance. The first yeast I saved after primary ferm was the yeast from the German Ale, which in this case is the European Yeast.

#17 Brown, Nutty and Wild Ale aka Zooey Deschanel Ale

I decided the last minute to do a brew. So I stopped by the brew store, opened the book and landed on the brew I decided to do. It was a featured recipe because of the hops they were using. They are Northern Discovery Wild hops. You can read there full story here. I stuck to the recipe and this is how it went:

Collaboration to be Noted

My brewing buddy who I mention on here from time to time has agreed to be a guest poster. Hence the change of domain to We came up with that name because we both have brown hair but grow red beards. He has taken the more creative road with his brews and has done some funky stuff, in a total good way. So keep a look out of his entries.